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Virtual Implementation


Are your team goals ambiguous, unclear, and confusing to your people?

Are your teams unsure how to actually meet the goals you set?

Do you spend too much time managing the details instead of the big picture?

Does your team know the week-to-week progress it's making towards it's goals?

Struggle to find time to think, plan, and work on growth initiatives? 

Do you feel like you're constantly reacting to issues you know could be avoided?

Is it hard to keep your team aligned on work that is constantly changing & evolving?

Are team members focused on what they can do to move the needle or does crises rule the day?

The desire to grow your business seems to be instinctive,

but the ability to successfully execute on your plans

is not easy...

Reality Check


               There will always be more problems than you have time to solve.


             There will always be more good ideas than you have capacity to execute.


             And there will always be more to do than you have ability to complete. 

The issue isn’t that you lack good people or good leaders. 


The issue is that you lack the ability to consistently

take the action with the highest leverage

I spent 15 years as a Lean improvement coach and practitioner.  The most powerful concept I learned to consistently apply was the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule


The principle states that 20% of our actions produce 80% of our results.  Conversely, 20% of our problems consume 80% of our time.  This principle is well-known but not well-applied. 

              You don’t need to address all your problems,

               just the 20% that suck 80% of your capacity.

              You don’t need to do everything on your project list,

               just the 20% that will have the biggest impact on your goals.

              You don’t need to implement every idea your people have,

               just the 20% that will create the greatest impact on your organization.



For any organization to be successful in the long term,

it must have the systems in place to enable its people

to make great decisions. 


Leading in uncertain & ambiguous environments require we have a way to learn and adapt quickly and deliberately.   


Impact helps you implement a proven, holistic system that’s simple to apply and universal for nearly every organization.  You don’t need to invent anything… so you spend less time reinventing the wheel and more time delivering results.

The FOCUS Business Operating System

The FOCUS Business Operating System helps your organization grow by teaching you how to build three of the most critical business structures your people need to be adaptive, accountable and innovative.

Goal Execution

Daily Adjustment

Daily Improvement

Goal Execution

Get everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how you plan to get there.

  • Translate your most important goals into clear, measurable, and meaningful metrics your people can rally around

  • Long-term plans are often too rigid. They lack the ability to adapt to the constantly changing needs and environment of the business. Define daily or weekly lead measures your team can act on to move the goal.  This secret FOCUS application will give your team a just-in-time way to learn what the highest leverage actions are, will enable them to quickly adapt, and help them stay focused on the goal.

  • Teach teams to create simple scoreboards that they own, which gives them visibility and responsibility with their actions and their progress.

Daily Adjustment

Instill focus, adaptability, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone, every day can see the 20% of actions that matter.

  • Create the ability for teams to SEE THE WORK and SEE IT MOVE by implementing Visual Management

  • Help teams be predictive and attack the 20% of issues that inhibit their performance by improving their ability to SEE OBSTACLES before they become crises

  • Create a cadence of CONTINUOUS ALIGNMENT for teams to adjust to changing conditions and focus on what matters most

Daily Improvement

In an environment of uncertainty and constant change, help your teams adopt the mindset that improving the work IS the work.

  • Establish a rhythm of TRYSTORMING that will produce the learning your teams need to discover the 20% of ideas that create big results

  • Build employee engagement by empowering those who do the work to improve it with structured experiments that will improve results

  • Become an organization that knows how to learn and adapt in the face of any goal, change, or challenge

As a leader, there is a limit on the impact you as a person can have on the performance of your teams.  So how do you reach ALL people and have a greater impact? 



By implementing systems that EVERYONE can engage in to run your business as if it were theirs.  Your job is to teach and build systems that propel others to realize the vision of your organization.  We help you build those systems.

The FOCUS Implementation Process

The FOCUS BOS Implementation Process provides a proven way to put all the pieces together, incorporating each of the FOCUS Tools in the right order to best strengthen each key component of your business.

Mike, CEO


Our time with you was super clear, well thought out and digestible for the team.  I've had GREAT feedback on the process, YOU, and how this sets us up for success moving forward!

Alonda, CXO

YMCA Seattle

Our time with you was excellent!  We have new processes in place to help us track our work in a digital yet visual way.  We whittled down our pain-points to the main ones and have people prototyping experiments as I write!  

Ted, CEO


I'm so pleased with the outcome.  We achieved higher commitment and trust... that will help us take the next step forward. 

We help amazing leaders grow their business!

Establish the right habits to grow YOUR business

Build a system that will teach your people adaptability & accountability