• canibarro

You Can't Achieve Organizational Goals Without THIS

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In order to intentionally and reliably scale culture, you need structure. It doesn't matter if you're scaling a "coaching culture" to a team of 10 people, you still need a "coaching structure" for those people to engage in a reliable experience... frequently... that creates the culture you intend.

Scaling culture comes down to 2 truths in organizations:

1. Structure drives culture. It's a major driver. It drives a daily experience that informs how we act, interact, and think about how we work.

2. Culture needs to drive structure. We all have structure/systems/process in place, but do they create the explicit culture you want?

If you take a close look at why your organization is having a hard time achieving its goals, you might find the root cause is because one of these is missing.

Do you have a reliable way your organization approaches goal-setting, goal execution, and goal reflection? If so, does it drive how you operate? IF SO, are you operating the way YOU DESIGNED (innovative, responsive, strategic, etc.)?

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