• canibarro

Why Learning is Crucial for Adaptability

Adaptive teams haven’t rehearsed how to implement the new strategy or tactics, how to deal with the constraints of the moment, or even how to deal with the challenges our current pandemic has placed before us.

What they HAVE rehearsed is how to approach learning, quickly and openly, to validate what they are trying on their way to new results.

All learning involves risk. Adaptive teams have rehearsed risk-taking over and over and have built a comfort with uncertainty because they find comfort in the certainty of their method to learn.

All learning involves failure. Adaptive teams have rehearsed “getting it wrong” to learn what actually works. They have learned to acknowledge every effort.

If it’s worth learning, it’s worth celebrating. Adaptive teams have rehearsed acknowledging every effort, celebrating mis-steps and attempts instead of simply rewarding success.

All I’m calling out is that people are immensely imaginative, creative, and ingenious. Their ability to fully apply this intelligence is relative to the structures in place unleash it.