• canibarro

Watch Out for Nacho Goals!

Ever eat nachos? My favorite is when I go to grab one chip and five other chips come up as part of it, all glued together by the cheese. I’ve noticed that lots of organizations do the same thing with their goals.

They think they’ve focused on a few goals, but each goal has multiple objectives, and each objective has multiple tactics. When I see this, I call it having Nacho Goals. Normally, I live by the saying, “if the nachos are stuck together, that’s one nacho,” but that’s not so cool when it’s your organizational goals.

I worked with one organization that was proud of their six goals. By the way, six goals is three goals too many, but I digress.

When they shared their strategic plan with me, I didn’t see six goals, I saw twenty-three! How does this happen?

Take a look at your organizations goals. Do you have one to three clear and measurable goals? Or are you managing nacho goals?

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