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Podcast Episode 35: How To Create a Culture People Will Love

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Most of us want to build teams made up of people that LOVE what they do and feel empowered to make things better. But This doesn't happen on it's own.

Leaders are losing an enormous amount of time and energy reacting to dysfunctional team culture. And You might fall in this category.

Your efforts can end up being sabotaged by your team’s culture, which can leave you feeling tense or anxious knowing you have to deal with it. Maybe exhausted or just doubting your self or your situation (IS IT WORTH IT… AM I UP TO IT…WHAT COULD I HAVE DONE DIFFERENT?)

Here’s the deal, leaders that make a difference shouldn’t be burned out because of bad cultures. It’s not okay and it doesn’t have to be that way.

This episode I walk you through how to use a process called Culture Mapping to steer your team's culture in the direction you want.

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