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Podcast Episode 34: Building the Culture You Want By Modeling the Way

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Most of us want to build teams made up of people that love what they do and feel empowered to make things better. This doesn't happen on it's own. As a manager, YOU have immense power to influence the team culture.

Today's podcast will talk you through how to model the change you want to see to drive the culture you want to lead in, and be a leader that builds great teams.

Highlights from the episode: - You are the architect of your team's culture. If you haven't thought about it that way, it's not too late to start

- In order to change a team culture, the team has to see you AS the cultural change you want. If you want a culture of accountability, your team needs to see you as accountable. If you want a culture of openness/coachability, then your team needs to see you as open to coaching.

- 5 steps to effective change-modeling: 1. Determine the aspect of culture you want to drive (accountability, innovation, coachability) 2. Define 2-4 behaviors that people on the team would be doing to live the culture 3. Reflect on how your team sees you in relation to the behaviors. Confirm with them how accurate you are. 4. Act by committing to a 2-4 week period of actively engaging in the behaviors with your team. 5. Ask your team how they "see" you now... after 2-4 weeks of engaging in the behaviors.

You are modeling the change. You are modeling being open to change. You are beginning to ramp up the change that everyone can engage in that will eventually shift your culture.

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