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Podcast Episode 32: Dealing with Toxic Employees

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Managers can spend an unnecessary amount of time dealing with "HR" issues. It is draining and unpleasant.

However, sometimes manager's have to face an even tougher scenario: The Toxic Employee.

This episode delves into how managers can deal with this type of employee from a truly strengths-based perspective. The goal is that you be seen as a model of leadership by the rest of your team.

Some highlights from the episode: - Disengaged employees feel disconnected from their mission. Toxic employees engage in behavior that is harmful to their team and other people.

- Your job as a manager is to help them make a choice: Be for the team or exit gracefully

- Use the 3-part team-based approach with Toxic Employees: Illuminate, Isolate, and Congregate

- Always be clear in your communication what you are seeing/hearing, the impact you see/hear it is having, and the change you expect/propose

Listen and let us know what "a-ha moments" you have.