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Podcast Episode 29: Your First 30 Days as New Manager

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As a new manager, what's your plan for the first 30 Days? If you are supporting a new manager, how do you set them up for success?

Too often we treat the shift into a leadership role as an "art form"... as something people should either know how to do ("that's why I hired them") or can easily adapt to.

Too much is at stake to be lax about this. The success of your new manager, of the team, of your future successor, and your customer's experience ride on YOU performing your best.

This episode Chris shares his take on the 3 most important elements to construct a plan around for the 1st 30 Days.

Some highlights from the episode: - Assess the Pains. New managers need to be given a method to learn the BIGGEST pain-points for their team, their boss, and on their own growth

- Assess the Culture. What are the unwritten rules that the team operates from. How does that impact how people approach their work? This is huge because it sets a manager up to declare the culture they want.

- Assess your People. Who are likely to support the culture you want to drive? Knowing your early adopters and influencers will help you understand who best to leverage changes.

- Develop Systems. This is your 30-90 day plan. A system to see & alleviate pains (not fixes...systems)... A system to see & move performance... A system to plan & progress YOUR growth.

- There should be a method or toolkit do each of the recommendations above. Connect with Chris if you want to learn what he uses/shares.