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Podcast Episode 25: Your Ideal Week

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Ever wonder how some leaders are accomplish so much? This episode offers a truly powerful framework for your time.

Some highlights from the episode: - The amount of time you have isn't as important as your intention with your time

- Leading on purpose means having a design for your time. It's like having a budget, but instead you choose how to spend your time!

- Context is EVERYTHING! Frame your calendar by Theme. Chris uses: 1)Go Time, 2)Plan Time, 3)Charge Time.

- Plant examples of activities AND accomplishments within each theme to clarify your time choice

- Check out our Blog Post to help you frame your accomplishments www.impactconsultancy.org/the-revolution-1/the-practice-of-being-effective-in-a-fast-paced-world

- Download Chris's guide to build YOUR Ideal Week docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/64746e_b6cf7719578a4e5aa16865eda6c0a263.pptx?dn=Pod%2025%20Templates.pptx

Listen and let us know what "a-ha moments" you have.