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Podcast Episode 24: Grow Your Personal Effectiveness

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I'm kicking off a series on growing your personal effectiveness! I have a BUSY life (consulting, vlogging, blogging, podcasting, training, being an awesome husband, world-class dad, and entertaining a fun social life).

I also have a SUCCESSFUL life (growing business, tight family, dear friends, and the BEST marriage ever).

This episode I begin to share my secrets starting with mindset and practices.

Some highlights from the episode: - Being productive is about HOW MUCH we can do with our time. Being effective is about HOW IMPACTFUL we are with our time.

- 3 mindsets: 1)What is my relationship to TIME? 2)What is the most important ACTION to focus on now? 3)What do I expect to ACCOMPLISH?

- Special Offer: Download these tools and see what difference it makes for your week to put them into action docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/64746e_4749409d6ea041909bdb410e30af67a1.pdf

Listen and let me know what "a-ha moments" you have.