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Podcast 38: 3 Leadership Processes Every Leader Needs To Grow Your Team

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If you’re a business leader, you have an ENEMY.

Your enemy is BAD PROCESS, and it attacks everywhere—your meetings, your plans, your operations, your projects, your goals. 

You’re losing an enormous amount of time and energy dealing with BAD PROCESS.  Your teams end up confused, frustrated and burned out because BAD PROCESS robs them of alignment, clarity and engagement. In the end, it feels like you spend more time reacting to issues than driving your business. 

But 80% of the impact we feel from BAD PROCESS isn't from work processes... it's actually from leadership processes

There are 3 CORE Leadership Processes ALL leaders should make sure aren't being hijacked by BAD PROCESS

Good people shouldn’t fail because of bad process.  This episode will set you straight.