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Podcast 36: How To Grow As A Servant Leader with Christine McHugh

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“Grow… By Growing Everyone Around You.”

In early 2017, Christine McHugh made a dramatic midlife career transition, leaving Starbucks Coffee after over 27 years to join a growing start up, Tangelo Manual Therapy

During her tenure with Starbucks, she rose through the ranks from a part-time Barista to Vice President, reinventing herself at each transformational stage of the company while still staying true to her core. Christine has led teams across broad geographies, up to 100 people in size. Along the way, she learned that one of her top strengths is creating culture and developing people.

On today’s episode, Christine shares her insights on developing new leaders. If you are new to a leadership role or are just seeking powerful perspectives, THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU.

You can learn more about Christine at https://www.christinemchughconsulting.com/

Christine often publishes leadership articles on LinkedIn. You can follow her on LinkedIn here