• canibarro

Obstacles To Adaptability

3 obstacles that make adaptability hard for teams…

1. Our brains default to simple TRIAL & ERROR problem-solving and use it to address complex issues. You know…

- Brainstorm a list of solutions

- Choose a best option

- Create and implement an action plan

…And, hope for the best & try again if needed

2. Our brains default to SOLUTION-JUMPING based on our prior experience.

Our brains are designed to make meaning out of each situation we encounter and can ONLY pull from past experience to do it. This makes it hard for us to let go of our assumptions, beliefs or way of thinking & acting.

3. Our brains tend to MAGNIFY RISK, which limits our openness to learning.

When we experience uncertainty or enter into change & have no way to address it, we tend to magnify the risks involved. The more risk we see, the more obstacles we see, the more we worry, the greater the feelings of being overwhelmed and uncertain we feel.

The brain has default wiring that favors solutions over curiosity AND our management practices often anchors & hard-wires habits that limit our natural ability to stop and shift into inquiry.

Most of us can feel the impact of inflexibility, but we may not fully understand how our practices are keeping it in place.