• canibarro

How to Change Your Team's Culture in 4 Steps

Most of us want to build teams made up of people that LOVE what they do and feel empowered to make things better. But this doesn't happen on it's own.

Many leaders are losing an enormous amount of time and energy reacting to dysfunctional team culture. And you might fall in this category.

Through reflection as a leader and as a leadership consultant, I’ve noticed there’s a pattern that seems to repeat itself over and over again in almost every organization I visit.

There tends to be these 4 breakdowns in leadership… things that we’re either NOT doing OR not doing WELL… and it limits our ability to drive culture. I want to make sure you understand these because the better we see what's happening, the greater our ability to change it.

#1. Unclear culture– We either haven’t defined the culture we want, or we haven’t aligned on what we mean by the culture we have declared. So if we’re unclear, a culture will emerge in the absence of having a clear & declared culture.

#2. Unclear behavior- If we never declared the culture, we won’t have defined how we should be showing up… how we should live our culture. Or maybe we have organizational behavior expectations, but they’re not anchored to any WHY… to any specific culture.

#3. Unclear drivers- Maybe some teams have declared a culture, maybe even defined behaviors, but almost NO ONE knows what levers to pull to drive the behaviors. What is your daily routine to reinforce the culture you want? Because it doesn’t exist, we end up blaming people or wishing things could be better instead of knowing what to do.

#4. No clear owner- If driving a culture is EVERYONE’S job, it ends up being NO ONE’S job. It's not enough to hire for cultural fit. When the manager stops there, they are abdicating their most important role.

The bad news is that these breakdowns exist in almost every team. The good news is that they can be fixed.

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