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Podcast Episode 37: How To Build Team Trust with Amy Leneker

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The simple, often overlooked fact is this: work gets done with and through people. There’s nothing more impactful on people, their work, and their performance, than trust. But a lot of us are getting it wrong.

On this episode, Leadership Consultant and Author Amy Leneker joins us for a fascinating look at how trust works in the workplace, how it’s changing, and what we can do to build it.

Episode highlights:

· Lack of trust is intangible, but creates tangible impacts (low performance, silos, work arounds, burn-out, etc.)

· When trust goes down on a team, everything takes longer and costs increase. When everyone is checking up on everyone else, it can cost our team more time, more energy, and cuts at our potential to take risks and innovate.

· There are 13 behaviors that you can adopt/expand on now that lead to greater trust for our teams, our relationships, and our organizations

Amy Leneker is an optimistic, joy-seeking, recovering perfectionist. She is a sought-after leadership consultant and coach who is known for her trusted advice and her track record of delivering results.

After spending two decades in the public sector climbing the career ladder to executive positions, Amy began a soul-searching, gut wrenching journey to get clear about what she really wanted to do and more importantly, who did she want to be? In stillness, she found the answers.

Because of her ability to engage and energize audiences, Amy has had the opportunity to appear before hundreds of audiences as a keynote speaker and presenter. She has also designed and delivered training to thousands of leaders and practitioners.

As the first person in her family to go to college, Amy believes in the power of education. She holds a Masters of Public Administration and teaches graduate level courses in leadership development.

You can learn more about Amy and her work by visiting www.amyleneker.com

You can download her leadership journal here

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