• canibarro

Flexibility vs Adaptability

Flexibility & adaptability… Having one without the other is like building a boat without the sail.

Flexibility is about being open to and responding to a change.

Adaptability is about leading to learn... by finding & framing new problems that create new solutions not yet thought of.

They go hand-in-hand, but create very different outcomes.

So why is this important to understand and call out?

A lot of our workplace training and management is focused on building flexibility but forego adaptability. Change management, team cohesion, self-awareness… MASSIVELY important but don’t actually build Adaptive thinking.

The teams I worked with that engaged in a structured, daily practice of working on things they couldn’t yet do/achieve learned how to keep striving. Their performance was consistent and sustainable across the long-term despite continuous change… because they were the ones creating the continuous change.

Flexibility-focused approaches builds safety and connection.

Adaptability-focused practices grows our ability to CREATE through ambiguity.

Let’s make sure we are building both.