• canibarro

Podcast Episode 5: Improving the Work IS the Work!

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Do you have a continuous improvement mindset? High performing teams have an ability to adapt to change. Chris explores a pervasive mindset that keeps us stuck and offers a new way to thinking about work.

Here are some of the highlights from the episode: - Most of us operate from the mindset that "doing the work is the work." This is not wrong, it's just limiting.

- Consider the mindset "Improving the work IS the work" as the foundation for team adaptivity.

- Goals are what we strive for, while mindsets are where we "come from." This is important because goals live in the future, while mindsets live in the present as ways of BEING. . . which means we can start RIGHT NOW.

- Hard wiring a new mindset requires you have a SYSTEM to create a daily experience with your team. . . like the 4 Disciplines