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Podcast Episode 4: Five Time-Killers that Strip Your Capacity & Time

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Building a culture of high performance starts with your ability to SEE your performance. Chris breaks down the 5 biggest team performance-blockers, and how he teaches teams to deal with them to boost their outcomes.

Here are the 5 performance-blockers Chris introduces: - Too much Work-in-Process- Too much WIP is the leading indicator that your workflow is congested! How well are you able to see your WIP?

- Unplanned Work- Staff spend up to 35% of their week doing unplanned work. Are you tracking it?

- Dependencies- Are you managing these effectively or are they managing you?

- Conflicting Priorities- How are you making conflicting demands visible. . . or are you?

- Neglected Work- Is work falling through the cracks? Learn how to end that.

Listen and let us know what "a-ha moments" you have.