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Podcast Episode 30: The New Manager's 30-60 Plan

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In Episode 29, Chris shared a plan for the new manager's first 30 Days. In this episode, he shares the plan for days 30-60.

As an individual contributor, you're expected to perform and improve your processes. As a manager, you're expected to drive the performance of others and improve systems. Very different.

This episode Chris shares his take on the 2 most important elements to construct a plan around for the next 30 Days.

Some highlights from the episode: - Build your SYSTEM to manage daily performance. This includes a way to make the team's work VISIBLE, make the team's work MOVE, make obstacles VISIBLE, and continuously align.

- Declare the Culture. State the explicit culture you intend to create. Call out the 20% of behaviors that you believe will drive 80% of the performance

- Leverage your system to drive the culture. Chris addresses how your system should drive results AND behavior.

- The focus of the next 30 days is learning how to system-build. In the Knowledge Economy managers operate in, building systems to deal with constant change is the strongest leverage a manager has to drive performance.