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Podcast Episode 3: Ending Daily Firefighting and Crisis Mode

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Are you spending more time managing crisis instead of being strategic? Chris shares the 4 Disciplines of Daily Management. This is a MUST LISTEN for any manager. By the end of this podcast you'll know what steps to take to begin freeing up your time and to build a team culture that is predictive instead of reactive.

Here are some of the frameworks Chris introduces: - Make the Work VISIBLE- When teams see the work together, they can learn and act together.

- Make the Work MOVE- We want teams to see work-in-process, unplanned work, dependencies, conflicting priorities, and bottlenecks

- Make your Obstacles VISIBLE- See them quickly and while they are small. . . before they are a crisis

- Initiate a Cadence of CONTINUOUS ALIGNMENT- Create frequent, fast&focused check-ins to integrate

What were your "aha" moments?