• canibarro

Podcast Episode 27: Building Success Habits

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Most of us are familiar with setting personal goals. Most of the goals we set tend to be accomplishment-based (I will run a marathon by June this year!). But there is another type of goal that few of us use that has immense power to expand how we operate.

This episode introduces the Habit-Based Goal. People who use habit goals tend to build new routines that form the foundation for future success.

Some highlights from the episode: - Accomplishment goals are one-time achievements. They help us break through our current state and achieve something new. Habit goals are ongoing. They help us operate in new ways so we can perform at new levels.

- Building habits is crucial. We are already a collection of habits (how we eat our cereal, how we brush our teeth, how we fold our arms, how we wake up, how we sit in chairs, etc). Some habits have no impact on how we perform. . . others limit our ability to reach new heights. Current habits give us current performance. New habits give us new performance.

- If you are leading a team, habit goals are key as a teaching tool for Personal and Professional Development goals. Setting accomplishment-based goals will help your staff achieve a new outcome ONCE. Setting habit goals will help teach them how to build new mindsets and operate in new ways.

Listen and let us know what "a-ha moments" you have.