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Podcast Episode 23: Making the Process Speak

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This week Chris interviews Andy Scheffer, Director of Facilities & Maintenance at Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Some highlights from the episode: - Starting out as a new leader I had access to data & our outcomes, but I couldn't see how the process was performing or the issues

- We had a reporting system, but it was hard to sufficiently get my staff's attention using it

- It became imperative to see the Work in Process, Priorities, and Issues... DAILY

- Today we meet face to face. . . in front of a visual board. . .and go over 40 projects in 15 minutes.

- Managing this way gives more of my team responsibility and builds leadership. I NOW have a routine to build their leadership.

- There is a BIG difference between having data & making the process speak!

Listen and let us know what "a-ha moments" you have.