• canibarro

Podcast Episode 19: Leadership Needs Management

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This episode explores the difference between Leadership & Management. Chris poses that management DOES NOT need leadership, but leadership NEEDS management. What does he mean? Listen in to find out!

Some highlights from the episode: - Leadership is a creating a future that otherwise would NOT have happened. 1. It's always about the FUTURE. 2. That future is CREATED. 3. That future is CHOSEN.

- Most of us, most of the time just live into the next moment without choosing it. That's existing.

- When you choose a future and have a big goal, you are creating an imbalance for you AND your team. You have to let go of being "balanced" or for things to go back to being "normal." Instead you have to redefine what your new "normal" is and "choose" it.

Listen and let us know what "a-ha moments" you have.