• canibarro

Podcast Episode 18: Breaking Limits (Commitment-Based Leadership)

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Do your commitments determine your reality? Or does your reality (circumstances) determine your commitments?

Breaking through limits starts by being clear on what holds us back. This episode offers a foundation for a life with new limits. . . or none!

Some highlights from the episode: - Leadership is a CHOICE, and it requires a continual re-choosing.

- Comfort is a default. It requires no effort on our part.

- When we don't exercise leadership effectively in ONE AREA of our lives, it has an impact on other areas.

- The foundation of being leader and breaking limits starts with commitment. It doesn't end here, but it starts here. Most of us haven't declared for ourselves what we're committed to, so exercising leadership is hard and can be ineffective.

Listen and let us know what "a-ha moments" you have.