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Podcast Episode 15: Managing Daily Alignment

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Are you becoming the team you were meant to be? It's not easy, but it's possible!

Today Chris interviews Adrienne Easter from the City of Seattle to explore how she is applying the 4 Disciplines of Daily Management and the impact it is having on her team and their performance.

Some highlights from the episode: - Seeing hidden work = Freeing hidden capacity.

- The key to continuous team alignment is SEEING the work. . . together.

- Adrienne's team went from a 16% on-time rate to 82% on-time rate WITHOUT having to engage in large scale improvement workshops, forming committees, or death by meeting. Just a daily commitment to making the work visible, making it move, making obstacles visible. . . and holding fast & focused meetings to align & improve.

Listen and let us know what "a-ha moments" you have.