• canibarro

Podcast Episode 1: Improving Team Performance

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In this episode Chris walks you through how to improve your team's performance. He specifically focuses on how to improve your skill to manage for results. By the end of this podcast you will know the mindset and frameworks to boost performance.

Here are some of the frameworks Chris introduces: - Focus on what you create vs. what you do!

- If you focus on team capacity as a resource issue, you'll always be seeking more resources. But if you focus on team capacity as a process issue, you may discover that HOW you structure your work is tying up your team's capacity to perform.

- Realize that anytime you create someTHING for someONE, there is a process. So how much clarity do you posses on what you create? On the process to create it? And how well do you manage that process?

What were your "aha" moments?