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Ep 41: 5 Keys To Empathetic Leadership

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Many people think leadership is about rank, power and privilege.  Patricia Bravo offers a different point of view.  She believes that true leadership is the willingness to place others’ needs above your own. 

On a deep level, we need to feel that we and our work are valued by others, particularly those in our group.  Patricia share her 5 KEYS FOR EMPATHETIC LEADERSHIP (get the infographic here) on the podcast today for leaders everywhere to grow and be the leaders they wish they had.

Highlights from the episode:

- How you can be an empathetic leader even within a variety of complex work environments

- Why your team members may be craving an empathetic leader, and how being empathetic in the workplace can increase productivity

- How Patricia defines what empathy is, and what empathy is not

-What you can do and what signs you can look for in identifying what kind of empathetic culture your team is looking for

-How you can implement empathetic leadership throughout the hierarchy within a workplace

Patricia equips leaders with Empathetic Leadership techniques that drive team member engagement and increase business results. She does this by consulting with organizations and leaders through her company Bravo For You, where she helps organizations develop leadership programs and facilitates workshops that accelerate leader capability.

Patricia enjoys using her talent management experiences gleaned at Fortune 500 companies such as Starbucks to shape the leadership landscape of the future. She also teaches at UCLA Extension and is currently authoring a leadership book.

A transplant who adopted the Pacific Northwest as home, she fuels her love of travel by exploring new destinations and spending time in Southern California enjoying the sunshine.