• canibarro

Ep 40: What New Leaders Need to Know to Succeed

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New leaders are gonna have ups & downs... but its the "down" moments where the growth happens; where the work is.

The real challenge of growth for new leaders is knowing when you are relating to issues and events as PROBLEMS.  There is another way to see the situation.  The best leaders have figured it out.  

This episode is a rant... a call to new leaders to see things differently than they are used to and grow into greatness.

Here are some of the frameworks Chris introduces: - What limits us is not our circumstances, but what we SAY about our circumstances

- We don't say what we see. . . We tend to see what we say [in our minds]

- We can't create new ways of seeing our situation (new possibilities) until we recognize that we are relating to the situation as a problem

Listen and let us know what "a-ha moments" you have.