• canibarro

Do Your Core Values Align With Your Core Practices?

If you’re actively working to increase the adaptability of a team then you have to take a hard look at the alignment between what you value and what you practice.

I was on a team that celebrated a growth mindset and learning as core values. We dedicated time to rituals that highlighted our resilience. But there was a disconnect between what we celebrated and how we operated.

I think the people around me truly meant what they said when they gave out accolades for personal growth. They believed in it 100%. However, our daily approach to work and solving problems didn’t quite line-up. Our thinking habits didn’t align with our employee experience practices.

Our adaptive performance is a reflection of our habits. When we want to improve our team’s resilience, grit, and ability to learn/unlearn we HAVE to be on purpose with our thinking practices… and embed them into our daily work so they become thinking habits.