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Adapting to Ambiguity: Live Session with Jeff Kaas of Kaas Tailored

Over 30,000 people from around the globe have visited Kaas Tailored to be inspired by their culture and to study their journey as a learning organization. Prior to March 2020, Kaas Tailored focused on upholstery solutions and design services. The impact of COVID-19 changed their course in a matter of days. Upon learning about the PPE shortage in our nation’s hospitals, Jeff made a decision to change course. Almost overnight Kaas Tailored shifted its entire operations from making furniture for airlines and department stores to making PPE for health care systems in need.

Watch the replay from this special LIVE session with Jeff Kaas to learn about Kaas Tailored’s journey of learning through uncertainty. We discussed:

• The foundations of Kaas Tailored’s culture of learning & adaptability

• Their journey and lessons learned through their recent business pivot

• How they kept a focus on growing people through the whirlwind of rapid change

• The core practices they use to support their teams to continuously learn and adapt

You can watch the replay here: https://youtu.be/7bNrTvzVjnw