• canibarro

Plan-driven vs Adaptable Business Operating Systems

At this moment with COVID-19 impacting us, being agile and adaptable are important, but you many find that your organization or team’s way of working may not be.

Many of us are operating on top of a lot emotion and unprocessed experiences. Doubling down on self-care and care for others is THE way to go. Our ability to have “slack” in the moment is much less than it used to be.

As you press on, I know many leaders I’ve talked to are having to balance tending to their people while making challenging decisions about their business. A reminder that in most drastic changes it’s our operating model, not our people that make adaptability difficult. Our systems are often less adaptable than our people.

Consider that your team’s operating model will have more of an impact on your agility than your personal interaction model, especially when you are initiating change.

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