• canibarro

Adaptability Requires Us to Unlearn

Good leaders know they need to continuously learn. But great leaders know when to unlearn the past so they can grow into the future.

I believe our ability to think well is at stake when we don’t actively engage in a process to learn AND unlearn. The greater the uncertainty, the more salient this becomes.

Like many of you I've had to unlearn expecting stability, having complete information to take action, clear direction, how to only deliver my services in person…

I’ve also had to unlearn the messages I’ve internalized about not knowing enough, not being able to take action, not being able to make a difference, not being taken seriously….

Through it all I've learned how to move through extreme ambiguity, how to rapidly test even better, how to take even greater initiative, how to trust my thinking, how to listen longer, how to see my blindspots, and how to be even more accountable.

I know we will continue to walk through uncertainty. I know there are different areas of our work & life where this applies. Having a process to learn AND unlearn builds adaptability and resilience.

What are those key things you or your team need to learn and unlearn?