• canibarro

3 Mistakes Almost ALL New Leaders Make

If you’re a business leader, you have an enemy.

Your enemy is Bad Process, and it attacks everywhere—your meetings, your plans, your operations, your projects, your goals.

Organizations lose an enormous amount of time and energy dealing with bad process.

Your teams end up confused, frustrated and burned out because bad process robs them of alignment, clarity and engagement.

In the end, it feels like you spend more time reacting to issues than driving your business.

But did you know that ~80% of your performance and engagement struggles don’t come from bad work processes. They actually come from bad leadership processes.

Good leaders shouldn’t fail because of bad process. It’s not fair and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Leadership processes are the routines & tools used, together, to enhance the ability of managers and employees to do their best work.

The key difference between a work process and a leadership process is that leadership processes are internal activities focusing more on organizational and management effectiveness than on the end customer. The main “customer” is management and employees, not the end customer.

As a leader, you’re expected to build teams and inspire performance, but this doesn’t happen on its own.

Your leadership process is THE biggest determinant of your team’s performance.

However, most of us aren’t taught to focus on our process AND we aren’t taught how to build them either. We’re often expected to figure them out on our own.

Bad leadership process leaves your team confused, disengaged, resistant, reactive and stuck.

There are 3 Core Leadership Processes every manager needs to pay attention to but rarely does:

1. Operational Management

2. Strategy Execution

3. Team Culture

When we don't get these right, we struggle and so do our teams.

Check out our services page to learn more about each Leadership Process and how you can keep bad process from crapping on your leadership!