Fluid Thinking™ 

Unlock your people's adaptive potential

Merging the Art & Science of Adaptability

Fluid Thinking™ is a program that teaches leaders how to apply AND embed adaptive problem-solving habits into the daily experience.  Participants learn a structure they can:

  • Embed into their daily routines

  • Apply to actual team challenges

  • Practice in 15 minutes or less each day

  • Use to assess and grow people’s adaptive problem-solving skills

  • Scale across their teams


Fluid Thinking™ is both a structure people can use to solve challenging problems in the midst of ambiguity AND a framework leaders’ can deploy to see & develop ongoing adaptive problem-solving capability with their teams. 


Fluid Thinking™ is a people-first approach to grow adaptable mindsets through the meta-skill of adaptive problem-solving.  It is science-backed and evidence-based to improve your people’s ability to:

Navigate Uncertainty


Challenging Problems


With Change


New Solutions


Better Lives

Live Online Learning Experience

Fluid Thinking™ is delivered online through a virtual classroom environment.  The program is delivered as 4 sessions, 2 days each week for 2 weeks, each session lasting 2-hour in length. 


Our goal is to initiate behavior change, so we ensure the experience is a powerful part of the process.  Learners will be guided through the engaging learning content by a skilled facilitator.  They will be supported by a pre-session e-module and a virtual learner kit that will help them build the skills they need to be effective and results-ready.


Our learning sessions are authenticated by experience and practice, not by theory and concepts.  Content is practical and easy to apply, and complex material is delivered accessibly.

Every program we create and deliver integrates three design principles:


Learning Styles

No engagement, no learning.  To reach all learners we design for all learning styles.



Groups of two or more participants work together in virtual breakouts to practice the skills on the spot.



Learners practice skills and get feedback in the moment from both their peers and their trainer.

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