The 80/20 Masterclass

A proven course designed to help business owners and leaders like you implement the systems you need to accelerate growth

What if you could prepare and equip your team to thrive and grow through change?

Doing it all can only get you so far.


Success is no stranger to you.  Through sheer determination, vision, and relentless passion, you’ve gotten to where you are today. Your employees and customers see you have a winning business.


So why does it seem like the next level of growth is so hard to reach?

You know what next level looks like.


You're sure you can get there if only you could...

Develop every employee's skill to grow your business by living out the company purpose and unleashing their impact.


Build the systems your leadership needs

to motivate their team and adapt to constant change.


Engage your people in daily improvement & experimentation

instead of constant firefighting.

You can accelerate the learning curve starting

right now with the expertise of a master coach

The 80/20 Masterclass

Enroll in an online cohort and build the systems you need to grow your business


This is unlike other online courses.  I take a limited number of participants through a 6 week step-by-step process to design and implement the 80/20 Business Operating System.  You will be part of a closed cohort made up of other business leaders that you can learn with, learn from and network with as you move out of the course and into full implementation.

As a participant you'll get a chance to learn from me, get your questions answered, and ensure you are designing the system in a way that is relevant to your unique business needs.

Course Schedule

Week 1- NNNN

Week 2- NNNN

Week 3- NNNN

Week 4- NNNN

Week 5- NNNN

Week 6- NNNN

What You Can Expect

Live sessions each week where you learn the concepts, formulas and tools of the 80/20 Business Operating System

Each session is recorded in case you miss one or need to refer back to an explanation

Opportunity for Q&A and real-time feedback each session to ensure you are applying each part correctly

Access to cohort members to learn how they are applying the 80/20 BOS in their organizations

Over ## downloadable tools & templates to help you design and implement your system

Course workbook that you can use as your playbook for implementation

Access to my on-demand course that includes video tutorials such as:

 - How to create meaningful goals & metrics

 - How to cascade goals and learning throughout your teams

 - How to develop strong team-based measures that move your business goals

 - How to build engaging team scoreboards

 - How to run fast and focused team huddles

 - How to lead effective weekly adjustment meetings 

 - How to build team-based issue tracking boards

 - How to initiate daily idea testing

What's Your Investment

What is your lack of growth systems costing you? 

  • How much wasted time and energy is spent trying to deal with fires and uncertainty? 

  • How many people end up leaving before you can really tap into their full potential? 

  • How many of your people's best ideas are not being implemented that could grow business and boost engagement?

  • How many people are passing up joining your organization? 

  • What is that doing to your leadership pipeline and the future of your business? 


A lack of growth systems may already be costing you a great deal.


Secure Your Spot Today



Save your seat. 

Space in the cohort is limited

The 80/20 Business Operating System works for a business

in any industry...

at any size...

at any stage.

What's Your Investment

What Other's Say

Ann J.

When we started, no one knew the growth goals or even their team goals.  In 2 hours we went from a 9 page strategic plan and 3 page work plan to a 1-page visual of how each team goal connected to the strategic goals.  We were stunned that it really was that simple.

Kris S.

We have visuals that we use DAILY to align on our plans and boards that show us our progress to goals. But it’s not about what we did. . .the real value is knowing how to design management systems that allow us to be adaptive & resilient as conditions keep changing.


Going through the process helped us gain clarity on the amount of hidden work that was sucking our capacity. I’m excited about our new approach to the work, the time it gave us back to focus on growth priorities, and our improved performance even as we grow!  

Join now...

I built this course because I knew there was a limit to MY impact on the world if I kept providing 1:1 consulting services.  I love what I do and have years of experience that has taught me a lot about how to design and implement these systems across a variety of industries, including:

  • Healthcare

  • Retail

  • Transportation

  • Construction

  • Hospitality

  • Finance

  • Tech

  • Nonprofit 

  • Government

I've helped organizations of all sizes, ranging from 5 person start-ups to 10,000 person enterprises.

My work has brought me in contact with businesses at a variety of stages, including:

  • Start-up

  • Scaling

  • Mature and stabilized

My vision is to help organizations like yours to reach as many people as possible with the value you provide through a vibrant workforce that loves what they do.  The 80/20 Business Operating System will provide you the structure you need to grow, and this course will give you all the tools do make it happen. 

Spots are limited so apply today