I help growing organization's build high-growth systems

Teach your teams to operate with adaptability & agility

by implementing the FOCUS Business Operating System

Are you feeling the pressure of hitting your goals?

The FOCUS Business Operating System is your solution for growth

Drive Goal Accountability
FOCUS your teams to achieve your
growth goals
Grow and Retain
FOCUS your culture to ignite passion for everyone everyday
Eliminate Team
FOCUS collaboration to coordinate the efforts of every team

Establish the right habits to grow your business

Impact supports growth-minded organizations with training & implementation of business systems designed to scale impact.  We take a culture-first approach with our design of business systems and structures.  Your business cannot outperform your culture AND as you grow, your business systems become one of your biggest drivers of culture.


The FOCUS Business Operating System helps your organization adapt and grow by teaching you how to build three of the most critical business structures your people need to be adaptive, accountable, and innovative.

Goal Execution- Get everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going, how you plan to get there, and how it aligns with your purpose. 


Daily Adjustment- Instill focus, adaptability, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone, every day can see the 20% of actions that matter.


Daily Improvement- In an environment of uncertainty and constant change, adopt the mindset that improving the work IS the work.

Goal Execution

Daily Adjustment

Daily Improvement

As a leader, the there is a limit on the impact you as a person can have on the performance of your teams.  So how do you reach ALL people and have a greater impact?  By implementing systems that EVERYONE can engage in to run your business as if it were theirs. 


Your job is to teach and build systems that propel others to realize the vision of your organization.  We help you build those systems.

Meet Chris Anibarro

Chris Anibarro is the founder of Impact and has over 20 years helping organizations build high-growth systems.  He developed the FOCUS Business Operating System to help organizations he cared about grow.

Chris spent nearly a decade coaching leaders at the world renowned Seattle Children's Hospital helping them build systems for growth and innovation.  He has nearly 15 years experience implementing Lean growth and improvement systems in various industries including health, transportation, utilities, service, retail, and education.  Chris is a practitioner, a consultant, and a student whose mentors include former strategists from Toyota, Apple and GE.  

Chris leads Impact with the sole focus of growing leaders that grow organizations.  He is the host of the Thought Revolution podcast, the Culture Ability podcast, and is a contributor to Forbes Magazine.


Implement the FOCUS Business Operating System 

Design and build a system that will teach your people adaptability & accountability


Delivered as a live online training, you will engage in a step-by-step process to design and implement the FOCUS Business Operating System in your organization.  Perfect for any team that wants to learn firsthand but still work at its own pace.  You will have access to ALL the materials, tools, templates, downloads, videos AND direct instruction from Chris to support your design & implementation questions.


We go 'in-house' with you when you need someone who has experience designing and implementing growth systems.  We'll work shoulder-to-shoulder helping you build, operate and improve your systems that become the DNA of your company. 

You won't get a consultant who tells you what to do.  You'll adopt a team member that builds employee advocacy and excitement for your growth. 

Establish the right habits to grow YOUR organization

Understand the performance of the 3 systems your business needs to be agile