Unlock the power of your people to grow & adapt

We train teams to increase their adaptability & agility

Do your habits build adaptability or inflexibility?

In today’s constantly changing and fast paced world, the ability to meet situations with a

fluid mindset is a critical asset.


For organizations to truly experience a new level of adaptability they need a reliable way for their people to engage in a daily experience of learning & adaptive problem-solving.  


Fluid Thinking™ is a proven method your team can apply to solve challenging problems in the midst of ambiguity AND a framework you can use to assess & grow adaptable mindsets with your teams. 

Programs that build a Fluid Mindset

A proven system to grow adaptability & unlock people's potential

Fluid Thinking
Learn the practices & habits to engage in daily adaptive problem-solving
Fluid Coaching
Learn how to coach others in your organization to be Fluid Thinkers
Fluid Mindset
Learn the practices to anchor the mindsets of growth & learning

Why Impact

Impact is a learning and development company with extensive experience teaching and coaching leaders to unleash the power of curiosity to create connected and engaged company cultures.

The necessity to continuously adapt, improve, and innovate is crucial for every type of organization, but very few have a formal way to train their employees.


Some organizations have turned to Continuous Improvement programs to foster adaptability.  The trap many of them experience is that much of the knowledge and skill-set ends up being possessed by specialists who lead teams to transform process performance instead of people’s thinking & mindsets. 


Training on the topic of adaptability tend to focus on self-awareness or teach about adaptivity.  There are two problems here.  The first is that adaptive thinking is less about self-awareness and more of a meta-skill; how we approach learning and unlearning.  Second, it requires a change in habit.  Most trainings are designed to improve awareness and are not designed to change habits.

Our programs teach people how to solve challenging problems, develop adaptive thinking-habits and build confidence leading through uncertainty.